Bridgestone Potenza RE-01R

In the past few years, Bridgestone has come a long way in their development of extreme performance street tires. Previously their new street tire was titled the “S-03”. This model offered lots of performance, and was considered to be one of the best tires of it’s time.

Although Bridgestone has done it again, and this time their back with their new Potenza RE-01R. This tire has been placed into the extreme performance category, and it certainly holds true to the name. I purchased 4 of these tires from TireRack just over a year ago, and couldn’t be happier.

My initial intent of my purchase was to obtain a nice set of street tires to use for autocross. At the time I was competing with my car in the SCCA BSP class, although I was running street tires. (BSP allows R-compound race tires) I somehow figured that I was best off with street tires, and the ease of being able to drive to events on them certainly appealed to me. Therefore, I went ahead and purchased a set of 245/40/17’s.

They arrived a few days later, and I immediately had them mounted up onto a new set of Hyper Black Rota G-Forces. (17×8 +48mm) The tires ran great, and I drove them on the street for about a week to break them in. (these were street tires that I had planned on using only to/from/at events) My initial impression was that they were significantly quieter than the stock STi Potenza RE070. (225/45/17) With the RE070’s, it sounds almost as if the tires are howling down the road, but with RE-01R’s on, the car sounded completely silent.

Grip also seems improved, but not something I would consider significant compared to the RE070. Rain performance is also very good, without much sliding, if any at all. Overall, the RE-01R introduced much more comfort, with the added benefit of additional grip.

Since then, I’ve taken my RE070’s off my stock wheels, and have put snow tires on them. I’ve been daily driving during the summer on my RE-01R/Rota combo now for about a year, and I absolutely love the setup. I’ve also introduced R-compound race tires to my lineup for autocrossing, and I’ve been using the RE-01R’s as my rain tires. (race tires in standing water = no good)

Currently RE-01R’s are a “special” and are on sale at The Tire Rack. Interested in picking up a set? Click the link below to grab them now, before the price goes back up!

Bridgestone Potenza RE-01R Tire

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  1. […] may remember, I did a review of my own personal set of 245/40/17 RE-01R’s. (You can find it here) Cliff notes? These tires are awesome. Unfortunately, they also feature excellent tread wear for a […]

  2. Christian Taylor says:

    I’m looking at picking up a set of these for my 06 STI… I don’t see any problems with them fitting the stock rims, even though they are 245s. Speedo will only be off by 2.8%. This is a great price… any concerns I might be missing with regard to replacing the stock 225/45’s with these 245/45’s (on the stock gold rims)? Thanks for any input.

  3. Josh says:

    Personally, I think it depends on your style. A 245/45 tire will most definitely fit a stock 06 17×8 wheel, but the question is, is that really the correct size to run?

    I say this because the sidewall is a 45 profile. (aspect ratio) Compared to a 40 profile sidewall, it’s going to look taller. (the belly/height of the tire)

    Personally, I like the look of a thinner sidewall tire. (Which is why I run 245/40’s) To calculate the height, simply take the tire width, and multiply by .45. So in this case, to calculate sidewall height you would do: 245 x .45 = 110.25 millimeters. (stock is 102.15, and 245/40 is 98 mm)

    Again, they will fit without issue, but they will look taller. I’d recommend searching NASIOC and other Subaru forums for some pictures of 245/45 tires on an STi. Are you running the stock suspension? If so, do you plan to change anytime soon? These are all good questions to ask yourself.

    But in the end, yes, that’s an incredible price. 🙂 Feel free to hit me up if you need some help finding pictures or have anymore questions.

    – Josh
    STi Blog Admin

  4. Christian Taylor says:

    Thanks for the quick reply! I really wanted the stock size, but all they have left is the 245/45’s… I’ve done the calcs, and I’m not all that concerned about the size, really. I’m more thinking about any problems. NASIOC is full of random posts about the issue that are very hard to follow, the threads jump around from WRXs to STIs to Foresters.

    I have stock suspension and do not plan on changing it. A few people have reported rubbing issues with 245/45’s, but these all seem to be with upgraded suspension (lowered).

    I’ve thought about the 245/45’s having a 9mm taller sidewall, 18mm in total height. It’s definitely bigger, but I’m wondering how noticeable it would really be. I’ve also been reading that taller tires help the STI with gearing.

    Right now, my stock RE070’s aren’t going to pass safety inspection in June… so I *need* new tires, one way or the other. Not sure I can pass up the $95 just for a thinner look.. which I agree, I would prefer… but… 🙂

    Thanks again for the reply!

  5. Josh says:

    Have you looked into other tires at all? If your looking for less-costly tires, without sacrificing performance I’d highly suggest checking out the Falken Azenis RT-615. They’re excellent summer tires, and very cost effective. (although a few more $$ than the on-sale RE-01R’s)

    They offer plenty of sizes. Although one important thing I’ve learned is that tires have the most influence on how your car handles. You can’t run a track meet in dress shoes.

    Also, check out IWSTI, an all-STi forum with some excellent info. (

  6. Christian Taylor says:

    Hey again… just wanted to say thanks for the tip on the Azenis RT-615’s… did a lot of research and haven’t found anyone who can say they aren’t awesome tires (most people saying even better than the RE-01Rs and most ratings I’ve found rate them better in all categories too). I’ve found a lot of recommendations for this tire, both from STI owners and owners of many other types of vehicles and all different driving styles. But it certainly seems to be a popular choice for STI owners replacing the stock tires.

    They weren’t loads cheaper than the stock RE-070s (about $50 cheaper per tire from my local tire shop, which does have very good prices) but every bit counts and they seem very good. They’re on order now… getting installed Saturday morning! Time to go burn off the last of the stock 070’s 🙂

    Anyway, thanks again for mentioning the Falkens. After doing a lot more looking around, they seem like a really good choice, in both price and performance!

  7. Acejam says:

    It looks like you’ve made a great choice. The Azenis are excellent tires for the money. They’re very popular for autocrossers as well, as they provide lots of grip for such a small price. (compared to race tires)

    Would you perhaps be interested in doing a guest-post here on the blog with a review of them? I’d be curious to hear your thoughts comparing them to the stock RE070.

    What size did you end up with?

  8. […] I’ve always trusted Bridgestone in the past, which is why I decided to try out the LM-25’s. One of my more recent purchases from them was a set of Potenza RE-01R’s. […]

  9. […] I’ve always trusted Bridgestone in the past, which is why I decided to try out the LM-25’s. One of my more recent purchases from them was a set of Potenza RE-01R’s. […]

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