Over/Under: Pastrana & Block

Travis Pastrana and 0-60’s guy that jumps stuff, Ken Block go out and…jump stuff together.

C’mon, you had to see this coming. Did you really think Pastrana, the man who jumps out of a plane sans chute was going to just sit around and let his Subaru Rally teammate, Ken Block, get all the attention for jumping rally cars. Of course not. So a few months ago for the cover of Racer X, Travis and Ken set up this little stunt. A mash-up of motox and rally hoonage. Kudos we say. Check the video below.

And here’s what Ken had to say about it: “Glad Travis didn’t hit his head on the top of my car and at least I didn’t break my back this time.”

[ Source: 0-60mag ]

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3 Responses to “Over/Under: Pastrana & Block”

  1. All those guys seem to do off-event is mess about doing crazy stunts. Oh the life of a paid works driver! The video of the gymkhana practice is nuts though, definetly the rally video of the moment.

  2. Acejam says:

    It’s the rally video of the year for me! haha

  3. Gustavo says:

    Te4mmy 0 1Einfach nur scheisse!!Und du libeer Rater18 du bist das letzte!!Wie kann man nur so einen stuss rauslassen???Solchen leute Kf6nnte ich in die Fresse hauen und drauf spucken!!und wie kann man so de4mlich in eine Kurve Fahren???Sorry aber es gibt weiber die das besser kf6nnen.Tja ..

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