Bridgestone Potenza RE-01R

In the past few years, Bridgestone has come a long way in their development of extreme performance street tires. Previously their new street tire was titled the “S-03”. This model offered lots of performance, and was considered to be one of the best tires of it’s time.

Although Bridgestone has done it again, and this time their back with their new Potenza RE-01R. This tire has been placed into the extreme performance category, and it certainly holds true to the name. I purchased 4 of these tires from TireRack just over a year ago, and couldn’t be happier.

My initial intent of my purchase was to obtain a nice set of street tires to use for autocross. At the time I was competing with my car in the SCCA BSP class, although I was running street tires. (BSP allows R-compound race tires) I somehow figured that I was best off with street tires, and the ease of being able to drive to events on them certainly appealed to me. Therefore, I went ahead and purchased a set of 245/40/17’s.

They arrived a few days later, and I immediately had them mounted up onto a new set of Hyper Black Rota G-Forces. (17×8 +48mm) The tires ran great, and I drove them on the street for about a week to break them in. (these were street tires that I had planned on using only to/from/at events) My initial impression was that they were significantly quieter than the stock STi Potenza RE070. (225/45/17) With the RE070’s, it sounds almost as if the tires are howling down the road, but with RE-01R’s on, the car sounded completely silent.

Grip also seems improved, but not something I would consider significant compared to the RE070. Rain performance is also very good, without much sliding, if any at all. Overall, the RE-01R introduced much more comfort, with the added benefit of additional grip.

Since then, I’ve taken my RE070’s off my stock wheels, and have put snow tires on them. I’ve been daily driving during the summer on my RE-01R/Rota combo now for about a year, and I absolutely love the setup. I’ve also introduced R-compound race tires to my lineup for autocrossing, and I’ve been using the RE-01R’s as my rain tires. (race tires in standing water = no good)

Currently RE-01R’s are a “special” and are on sale at The Tire Rack. Interested in picking up a set? Click the link below to grab them now, before the price goes back up!

Bridgestone Potenza RE-01R Tire

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