New STi Concept Renderings Emerge

Impreza WRX STi Hatchback Concept

One of my readers recently tipped me off about some 3D rendered drawings they found on one of the forums.

A user by the name of Grid has come up with several 3D renderings of what he thinks the new STi should look like. And guess what? I agree with him. The car’s stance is stunning, and the aggressive body styling is incredible. (Not to mention, it reminds me of a Lotus Espirit)

Unfortunately, who knows if Subaru will ever come out with something that looks even remotely close to this. As we know, the current STi is based off the base-model Impreza, known to many as a simple economy car. This is one of the reasons behind Subaru’s recent use of more plastic in the interiors of their vehicles. (Something which many enthusiasts complain about) In addition, it’s also their supporting reason to retain 4 doors.

I’ve put up some additional pictures on this post, all of which can be found after the break.

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